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Hope you new users are having fun with Prizerebel. There are now way more ways to make points and money than there was before. You might still be on the normal offers but sooner or later those will run low and you will want to try the external offers or daily tasks from Crowdflower.

Daily Tasks can be very very good, but they can also be frustrating. Many of the vets do them because they are repeatable and the credit is 100% guaranteed which is very important after you do 50-100 offers that do not credit. You won't get 1.00 in 5 mins but you can earn a lot if you have patience and keep at it.

What's the bad side you ask? Well unlike most of the other offers you CAN fail these and when you fail you can be locked out of a task forever. If you get too many wrong you can be banned from all tasks permanently(though I heard that is really only if you cheat or just click anything).

So using my own trial and error here are a couple tips for some of the Crowdflower tasks. This should help keep your score up early so that you don't get kicked during the first 10 pages which are the toughest.

BIG CAPS LOCK TIP: Go extra slow in your first 10 attempts of any Crowdflower task, they will throw many tester questions in which they already know to trip you up and weed out the people not doing a good enough job. After about 15 pages you are left more on your own as they deem you fit to use your own judgement. Doesn't mean they still won't throw something in every now and then but you are no longer under the microscope.

Note: All these point values are current as of December 31, 2011. They may be different by the time you attempt them.

Note #2: Some of these may be gone or may be slightly changed when you do them. I am giving you the standard way to do these so hopefully it will work as well 6 months from now as it does today.

Anything below .10 points- 95% of the time these are more work than they are worth, sometimes it takes 2-3 pages of work for .05 points. Wait until these raise in value before attempting.

Website search .10- These are probably the simplest and most effective as far as time/point ratio goes. You do a quick search(usually for Fisher Investments) and you get .10 points in under 2 mins. Problem is everyone else knows this and does it so don't expect to get more than 1-2 credits at this stage. Good thing is there are about 5-8 different ones you can do

You Tube sorting .15
- As of now this is still a little too much work for the points it gives out. You need to watch 2-3 vids on 2-3 channels x 3 pages for your .15 points. There are still many jobs listed for this so wait for Crowdflower to become more urgent in their needing of this and raise the award.

How relevant are these 35items .18- This is one of the best ones as far as point/time ratio when you have the system down. Do this on e first instead of the 40 items since it is a little but faster.

Here are the important things to note for this task.

Always check name AND category. Sometimes you might have an exact match on name but it is for the wrong product. Or vise-versa. Sometimes you have a name with no category and that gives you more freedom on what can be a great or good search.

No Picture = Never Great. Even if the words are a 100% match, you will always get marked wrong if you mark Great on an item with no picture. The best it can ever get is a Good rating.

Color= Whole Item. If the search asks for a Black bag and only one part of it is black or a piece like a handle, make that your cue to only mark it as Good or lower.

Be careful. The most difficult thing about this is that 1 wrong answer= whole page wrong. So getting 34 right is the same as getting 34 wrong. Take a couple extra seconds each time to look and double check all your answers.

How Relevant are these 40 items .20- See above  

Website Search Results .20- These usually involve using a Google or Bing search engine to find certain things. The pay is decent but can be tedious and long. Here are a couple tips to shorten the time.

Have about 4-5 tabs open off your main search 3 for google and 2 for Bing. Many of these ask the same questions for 3/4 of the task and then 1 new search. Having the links, pages and rankings ready will cut down on a lot of the time these take to do.

Always count off actual links not sponsored. Always go by the first White Link and make sure you didn't click anything in the yellow section by mistake. Also when clicking a link at the top of a page, make sure it is not indented or there is a small green "ads" on the right side. Sometimes you can click an add without knowing it, especially when you are on your 20th one and they all start looking the same.

Watch out for the Search Switch- Sometimes when a search items ranks 1st for one search engine, they ask you to switch over to another one in the very next question. It is easy to miss this and can result in many wrong answers. If what they are asking for is the 1st search of the 1st page, expect to switch over for the next search. Of course don't forget to check to see if they want you to switchback after.

Categorize Twitter Users .025- This is another one that becomes fast an easy when you have the system down. Sorting them is not too bad but doesn't hurt to have some tips.

Art/Entertainment --> Writers/Publishers --> Online --> Other

Remember that. It will be your go to for many of the Twitter accounts that just don't have a place. Some You Tube celebrities, online marketers, self-help people or any stranger with an opinion will egenrally get lumped into here.

Use Ambiguous sparingly- While it may be tempting to mark most users as Ambiguous and even though the directions encourage it for some things, use the above instead. You will get marked wrong more often than not if you overuse Ambiguous.

Ambiguous should be used for these:

A dead link-i.e.

No tweets

No info

No picture and no website link can be ambiguous but check everything first, I have had a few celebs and comedians with no pics and links and they still showed in the backup searches.

Use all the backup searches. This goes without saying but sometimes you will need to type in names other than what you get linked to. Take the extra 5 seconds to do it so you don't leave anything to chance. Remember 1 wrong = all wrong.

How relevant are these search engine results .025
-  So I'm going to tell you right now. This one is the best. It is fast, and fun and you can make a lot in a very short time. So you might be wondering, well why are there still so many jobs left on this one. Good thing you asked, I will tell you:


Whew now that we got that out of the way I can tell you why. The questions don't match up. You can do something right for one and wrong for the next. Don't try to figure it out and don't argue with Crowdflower after the fact. If you lose, you lost, game over. Anything after that could get you banned from not only tasks but all of Prizerebel.

I want to get this all out of the way not to scare you but to let you know. Some people never knew about this until it was too late. Think of this whole thread as merely a warning thread for the search engine task. It's tricky and they made it that way on purpose and even with every tip in here you could still get locked out of it. This is merely to give you as many chances as possible to keep going.

#1 Check every item closely. Sometimes you have everything that seems good but on closer examination, an address is missing or the address is mixed up or a name is spelled 1-2 letters wrong. Out of all the tasks, train yourself to look closest at this one. That 2-3 extra seconds each page can really make a difference.

#2 Check your cities. Some times you have some all neatly bunched together and it looks like a clean sweep, only to see later that it is actually another city. Even worse is when they give you the same city but a different state. Again 1-2 letters can make all the difference in this job.

#3 If there's 1 and it's good then it's Perfect. Sometimes you get marked wrong for only having 1 item in a search box. That could be because they slightly changed 1 thing on it to drop it down to Good. If everything matches up, it can be 1 or 5 items, it will still be a perfect. Of course 0 items will always be the worst ranking.

#4 Check, check and double check. Like I said at the beginning, think of the first 10-15 pages as a mine field. They have many things here to trip you up. If you can make it through this you will be able to breathe a little easier but it does you no good if you rush through. Read everything 2-3 times just to make sure. Spending a few extra mins in the early going can earn you 10-20 points later on since many users are blocked form this right now. You will have many of the jobs to yourself.

There are a lot of good things about Crowdflower tasks and some things to be careful about. Hopefully some of these tips help you in the early going and you make many extra points.

For anyone that wants to add your own tips or for success stories, please feel free to list them here.  

One final note. Even doing everything right can still get misses and you can still be locked out. Don't get angry or dwell on it too much. Remember they even pay for "wrong" answers so you won't lose out on anything. Just check the tasks every now and then to see if you got unbanned. Everyone makes mistakes so give them some time to see if they made one and fixed it.

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scared at wall of text > . > 
but i read it anyways..  cuz i needed it .__.
and not bad... not bad at all....should be a like button around here.......
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To comment on the low paying tasks...

It's true they can seem like more trouble than they're worth, but once you get them down you can fly through them as fast as the high-paying ones, if not faster. And it does add up. In this business, beggars can't be choosers. I'll definitely take .06 points where I can get it. Also, don't be turned off by the really low reward ones. They usually take that and multiply it by how many pages the offer has. A good example is the Google News related ones. .02 a page, 3 pages = .06 per offer. I can fly through these in under 2 minutes if I'm into it.

But in the end, these take time and can be really frustrating. Remember that these aren't really designed to be efficient or even to make you money at all. These are tasks that need to be done and this is simply the easiest, fastest way to do it for the companies involved. Don't plan on doing these for a living. Just do them when you have free time and have nothing better to do. Just my two cents.

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